Another month, another By now you already know that I have a monthly subscription addiction & I absolutely love to receive all kinds of goodies.

If you don’t know already, let me tell you a couple of things about this subscription.

  1. this particular subscription costs only $15/month
  2. you can also pay ahead of time for 3, 6 or 12 months
  3. they also have a quarter box for $39.99 ( all products are full size not including the bonus items )
  4. the quarter box ships in January, April, July & October
  5. you’ll receive 4-10 products
  6. it’s a beauty & lifestyle box so you’re also gonna get items like clothing, accessories, edible, houseware & more

I’m so excited to show you what I got so I’m just gonna jump right into it!

All the products come in this white with pink polka dots bubble envelope. The August box contains 6 products.

Each envelope comes with discount codes & a card with the price & information about each product you receive in the envelope.

  • GOCUBES Chewable Coffee – when my husband saw them he instantly grabbed them. Needless to say that he already ate them & I don’t even know how they taste. All I know is that they come in 3 delicious flavors: Pure Drip, Mocha & Latte. He loved them so much & wants to order more.
  • SUMMER’S EVE Simply Coconut Water Cleansing Cloth – received 2 of them and already bought a full box of them. Summer’s Ever is the leader in feminine hygiene products and I’ve been using them for quite a while now. They clean, refresh, removes odor-causing bacteria, helps maintain a natural pH, they’re free from dyes & parabens & they use clinically tested safe scents so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • YANKEE CANDLE Car Jar – I think that everybody already knows this magic jars. I use them everywhere: in the bathroom, in the closet, In the kitchen,  in the car. Smells amazingly good & they retail for $5.49.
  • MOE & CO Adjustable Braided Ring – this is such a beautiful sterling silver wing. I love that is adjustable and it looks so amazing on my fingers ( check the photos ↑ ). I wear it almost every day even when I do the dishes or I’m washing my hands & it’s in perfect condition, looks like new! The ring retails for $19.00.
  • SORME Natural Blotting Paper – I’ve been using blotting paper for almost 5-6 years now so I was so happy when I saw them in the envelope. In every single purse that I own, you will find blotting paper. When you have oily skin, the blotting paper is a must. The pack contains 100 sheets and retails for $6.

That being said, this are all my August products. I’ve used every single product & I love the fact that you also receive food & accessories!

If you want to subscribe, you can get your first box for only $7.50 for the first month ( then you’re gonna be charged with $15 which is still a good price ), all you need to do is to use the code HALFOFF!

Click HERE for the July ADORE BOX!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments below what is your favorite subscription box so far.


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