Your Skincare Regime for the Upcoming Party Season

Your Skincare Regime for the Upcoming Party Season

With Autumn upon us and Christmas on the horizon, it also means that party season is almost here and that means that you will want to be looking your best. In addition to updating your wardrobe, making sure you have enough makeup and hitting the gym, it is also important that you take care of your skin.

This is particularly true as the harsh weather kicks in and we begin to turn the heating on, as this can cause dryness which can even result in flaking and eczema. The winter can also bring sensitivity and a wintry pallor. Here are a few tips for your winter skincare regime to ensure that you look your best for party season.

Moisturiserskincare regime

You may have gotten away with using little moisturising gel in the summer, but now is the time for using a moisturiser with a creamier consistency. For your skin to glow and look healthy, it will need to be hydrated which can be achieved with creams that have fatty acids and barrier repairing chemicals (don’t forget to drink plenty of water too).

Exfoliateskincare regime 

To combat uneven pigmentation and dullness, it is important to exfoliate during the winter. This is a time where your skin is not as hydrated as usual, which can affect its ability to shed dead skin. Gently exfoliate at night before moisturising for the best results.


A common misconception is that sunscreen is only to be used in summer. Whilst it is vital that it is used at this time, it is also important to use it in the winter. Although it is not hot, your skin is still exposed to UV rays so you should still apply sunscreen to your face and hands before venturing outside.

Protect the rest of your body

In addition to looking after your face, you should also take steps to protect the rest of your body and particularly the hands (where skin is the thinnest). Rich body lotions, softening cream for your hands and protective lip balm can all nourish your body and keep your skin looking its best.

Buy Quality

When it comes to skincare products, high quality will always yield the best results. Beauty specialists, including Capital Hair & Beauty, will carry all you need to keep your skin protected and looking its best.

With these tips, your skin will look and feel fantastic for the upcoming party season.

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