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Hello lovelies,

Feel so great to be able to write again on my blog. I know it’s been a while and I don’t want to go deep in details but, slowly, I’m recovering from a lot o things that happened in my life!

Today, I chose to write about a special place, that I’m crazy about and I hope to go there again, soon. What if I told you that you can escape somewhere private with your loved one, a place where is just you & him….so NO FRIENDS, NO PETS, NO MOTHER-IN-LAWS :)), only you and your loved one!

I’m talking about is Sybaris Pool Suites and here is a little bit of the story behind this awesome place. Go check their website for more info!

” Named for an ancient Greek city in Southern Italy dating back to 500 BC, the ancient Sybaris was noted for its wealth and luxury. Inhabitants of Sybaris were known to be devoted to luxury and sensuous pleasure; for example, the phrase “a bed of roses” derives from the Sybaritic custom of filling the bed and pillows with rose petals before couples shared moments of intimacy.

The Concept

The concept became a reality in December, 1974 with the opening of the first Sybaris in Downers Grove, IL. “A magical place where couples could shed the stress of daily life and re-acquaint themselves with love. An oasis of privacy- – no windows, no phones. A special place dedicated to the enhancement of romantic marriage.” 


In July of this year I was browsing on Groupon Getaways to find some deals, and scrolling and searching I found Sybaris.  I really wished to go there with my husband. My wish came true this month ( my birthday month ) when my husband surprised me with a getaway to Sybaris Pool Suites.

You can’t even imagine how powerful this place is…litteraly I feel the need to go there every week and I think that every couple need to experience Sybaris.

You’ll find Sybaris Pool Suites in 3 states ( as far as I know ) : Illinois, Wisconsin & Indiana – 3 in Illinois ( Northbrook, Frankfort & Downers Grove ), 1 in Wisconsin ( Mequon ) and 1 in Indiana ( Indianapolis ). Each location has different layout and diffrent suites for you to enjoy: from simple suites with whirlpool only, to suites with spa & suites with pool.

My husband took me in Wisconsin, Mequon and he reserved a Paradise Pool Suite that features:

  • Private 16′ Swimming Pool Heated to a Cozy 90-92 Degrees
  • Tropical waterfall
  • Misting Steamroom
  • Relaxing Massage Chair
  • Cozy Fireplace
  • Soothing Hot Tub

To be able to reserve a suite you have to pay $30 for a annual membership and the pricing for a suite depends on what type of suite you choose, which day of the week and the lenght of your stay. You can choose an overnight stay ( 6PM – 11AM ), afternoon getaway ( 12.30PM – 4.30PM ), multinight getaway & overnight & afternoon getaway ( 6PM – 3PM ). You can also find deals on Groupon Getaways, you can also find coupons on internet and you can also register on their website and you get a discount coupon for your birthdays and anniversaries.

Since we where in Wisconsin, Mequon, I’m gonna talk about that place and the Paradise Suite and I’m also going to show you some photos. I really loved the privacy & I also loved the fact that you really disconnect from the entire world: is just you and your loved one!

sybarisOur suite looked like. As you can see we had a king size bed with a really comfy mattress and pillows. When we first arrived, there were 2 bath robes on the bed, a rose bouquet on the table, champange with glasses and the balloons. This were  purchased separately from their website. On the ceiling above the bed you can see a dark mirror with white dots…that’s supposed to be a starry sky. The room is almost full with mirrors, you have a TV ( we didn’t use it ) , music, fireplace and a massage chair ( as you can see in the photo ) .

sybarisOn this photo you can see how the room is separated from pool zone and on the very right side of the photo above there was a little kitchen ( without stove of course ), is was only a small sink, a countertop, a microwave and a small fridge.

sybarisBehind that little kitchen is the bathroom, with 2 sinks and a shower and again, on the right side of the photo is a spacious closet.

sybarisAnd the best part of the suite: the heated pool, the hot tub and the steamroom.


Overall it was such a beautiful experince! The price was right,  the place was clean, towels everywhere. We also had available travel size care & body products. On the other side, there were also some things that I didn’t like: the air conditioning above the bed, we couldn’t lower it, so it was on high most of the time and you guess right: it was freezing. I think it’s a downside cuz you get out of pool or the hot tub and you enter a freezing room, and if you turn off the air you get humidity. I also loved the waterfall above the pool but it makes so much noise so we end-up not using it. We couldn’t find matches for the fireplace so my hubby had to go and ask for some, and we tried to light the fireplace in the morning but it was turned off.

Therefore , I highly recommend Sybaris, because it was such a beautiful experince and I feel that Sybaris ignites the fire in your heart and you fall in love over and over again!

Have you heard about Sybaris? What do you think?

DISCLOSURE: This review is based on my real opinion, experience and thoughts. I didn’t received anything from Sybaris!


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    August 15, 2016 / 6:44 pm

    Wow, ce bine arataaaaa!

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