Pur Cosmetics – Love Your Selfie 2 – Review

You know those days when you receive a package that you didn’t expect? It’s like Christmas! No peeking to see who’s the sender, you just unwrap it slow so the surprise gets bigger! Well, this happend to me a few days ago!

pur cosmeticsI received a mystery pack. I was delighted to see that Pür Cosmetics sent me an awesome gift. It’s an eyeshadow palette with everything you need to achieve a perfect makeup! The palette they sent me is Love Your Selfie 2, which is a perfect palette for Autumn and so far, Pür Cosmetics is high in the game.

With all this new makeup releases happening almost every week, Pür Cosmetics is keeping all their tactics high, so it’s not far behind from very known makeup brands that I won’t name! The pack contained the Love Your Selfie 2 palette and also a cute phone accessory that was on my wishlist: a selfie ring light!

pur cosmetics

Now let’s get to the most important thing:

pur cosmeticsThe palette is composed of 8 eyeshadows, 1 Mascara, 1 Lip Gloss, 1 Matte Lip Pencil and 3 contour powders – 1 Baking Powder, 1 Highlighter and 1 Bronzer! I told you, you can achieve a full makeup ( minus the foundation ) <3!



  1. HEADSHOT – is a matte warm vanilla
  2. STATUESQUE – is a light matte cocoa
  3. PANORAMA – is a mahogany brown with gold flakes
  4. ABSTRACT – is a pearly milk chocolate
  5. POSE – is a matte powder pink
  6. SKETCH – is a pearly burgundy
  7. MEGAPIXEL – is a dark shimmery gold
  8. PAPARAZZI – is a shimmery olive green with gold flakes

Now let’s talk about them. The shadows are very creamy, highly pigmented, some of them are a little bit powdery so you’re going to get some fall out so be sure to use a good primer. You’re going to get a great warm color scheme for the new season, so if you’re into warm colors ( and Autumn ) this will be perfect for you! I think Statuesque is a great transition color while Paparazzi is going to add some drama with gold flakes. I can’t wait to create an awesome makeup!

pur cosmetics

2. Contour Powders

  1. OVEREXPOSED Baking Powder – is a neutral translucent powder
  2. PHOTOGENIC Blush – is a light rose gold highlighter-blush
  3. COMPOSITION Blush – is an orange-y bronzer-blush

So, the palette is also giving you 3 powders great to contour your face. The rose gold highlighter-blush is one of my favorites. You can use it as a highlight or as a blush or both, you depends on your mood and creativity. The bronzer is a warm color with a red undertone in my opinion, you’re going to get a little bit of fall out and I think is going to be great on tanner complexions most. ( Hey, this is just my opinion, you just have to try it to see for yourself ).

I do really really love them a lot!

pur cosmetics

The palette also come with a mascara, lip linner and lip gloss.

  1. Fully Charged Mascara – I have this mascara in full size ( you’re going to get a travel-size ) and I’m not a fan of it! At first it was okey but after a while it simply wouldn’t work. It clumps my lashes, is hard to remove, it doesn’t curl them, I don’t get volume, I feel them heavy. I don’t know if it’s my lashes fault or that I didn’t store the mascara properly or what I’m doing wrong but it just doesn’t work on me. Don’t get me wrong, there are girls loving it, I love the wand but I don’t know what’s happening!
  2. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – the color you’re going to get is Focal Point which is a matte, creamy and pigmented rose nude.
  3. Lip Gloss – in Silhouette. Makes a great pair with the lip liner. The colors is a dark rose! Not sticky with a good amount of pigmentation.



pur cosmetics

Overall, I do recommend the palette. Is good for all complexions, they really  chose nice colors, great pigmentation, is also good for when you travel, the retail price is $42 and you can find it at Ulta or on www.purcosmetics.com! You should go for it and try it to see by yourself. Ohhh, and the ring light accessory doesn’t come with the palette, sorry girls :(!

Let me know in a comment below what do you think about this palette!

Makeup photos are coming soon, so please follow me on my IG – @elisauc

Disclosure: The palette and accessory in this post where sent to me by their PR company for consideration and review purposes !

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