6 Autumn Must-Haves for a Complete Outfit

Summer season is almost over! Autumn is just 2 blocks away and I’m so ready for it! So, it’s time for some Autumn must-haves. Every season comes with new things, new colors, new products, new everything! As a woman, I create a wishlist every season to help me put in order my priorities.

Autumn is also my favorite season. It comes with all this earthy colors so for me it’s time for a change. Mostly, I browse online for what I want ( ya know, comfy in my pj’s with no makeup and coffee by my side ) and 99.9% I browse for sales. Yep! Sales, sales and more sales!

So, today I’m going to share with you an awesome website. It’s like the holy grail of all the brands you know! Love the Sales is here to rescue! With all the bargains, you’re going to get amazing products without damaging your wallet or bank account. Why not buying that lipstick 20% cheaper? Right?

Now that you know about this website, it’s time to get another cup of coffee and begin browsing. You can find clothes, makeup, electronics, products for your home, kids and outdoors. It’s like…you buy a lipstick and then you buy a tent. Believe me, you need that lipstick when going camping, you have to impress nature :)).

I also want to point out that the website is easy to navigate, you just search whatever you need, click it and you’re going to be redirected to where the sales have place. Love the Sales is like a big catalogue that has all this bargains in one place!

Anyhow, I now want to share with you my 5 must-haves for this Autumn.

Ted Baker

I’m  a fan of Ted Baker since the day I layed my eyes on some glittery & sparkly heels with a bow. Since that day I own a couple of flats and some other things. But that’s not the idea, the idea here is that I found this simple ankle boots that work on almost everything! You tell me if this aren’t perfect for the Autumn season!

love the sales



This season I go for ripped jeans. You know, it’s a warm season! Just check out this earthy colored ripped jeans from Boohoo! I feel like they scream AUTUMN! Must haves definitely!

love the sales


Another peace of clothing that I really enjoy is the shirt. You can wear shirts anytime of the year. For me basic shirts ( in one color ) are the best! For the outfit I have in mind, I found this white Ralph Lauren Cotton Boyfriend Shirt. It’s going to be great with the next item I have in mind!

love the sales


The main item of clothing that is definitely a must have is the sweater. I also go for sweaters in one color! The one that I fell in love with is this one from GAP. I love to put sweaters over shirts!

love the sales


Nope! I didn’t forgot about the accessories! I found this taupe/beige hat that’s just the cherry on top! Go hat or go home, right? MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!! I’m in love!

love the sales

Last but not least is this cute bag from Cosmoparis that completes my outfit idea!

love the sales


So that’s almost it! I shared with you my favorite website! I also shared with you my must haves for a complete outfit! Love The Sales is definitely a great way to save money when it comes to shopping for known brands! So please don’t forget to check them out and let me know in the comments below what are your must haves from Love The Sales!

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  1. Andreea Sirba
    August 31, 2016 / 6:51 am

    Ador si eu palariile,gentile si puloverele cat mai calduroase si pufoase!

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