Sapphire 8in1 Curler – Review

Sapphire 8in1 curler

Sapphire 8in1 curler


Hello lovelies,
Man, as much as I try to post more often, I simply can’t! The 2015 was definitely & absolutely not my year at all and it sucks because even is it’s not my year, I had the most awesome and amazing chances and one of them is my collaboration with which consists in a beautiful curler – the Sapphire 8in1 curler.

I had the chance to receive an e-mail from them in regards of this collab & they asked my to review Sapphire 8in1 curler from their website.
When I saw this curler I was like: praise the Lord cuz my prayers were heard! Amin!
Finally, all my favorite curlers were bonded together in one & now my hair can do love with this amazing curler. Now the main problem is deciding what type of curl you want, but if you can’t decide go for all cuz your hair is going to look amazing!
Now let me tell you that Sapphire curler uses the tourmaline technology so that means that the barrels have the tourmaline tech in them fused with ceramic which means that your hair is protected.
And now let ME tell you some facts about this magic curler!
The curler comes in a cute sturdy box that has all the details about each barrel and hw amazing this curler is. The curler and wand comes in a leather pouch with individual compartiments for each barrel & wand. It also comes with a stand that has a heat-resistant silicone layer & a glove & one thing a love about it is that come with a really long cord.
  • has a beautiful blue color  ( which of course it’s not something important )
  • is really lightweight so your hands won’t hurt ( yyyeeeyy )
  • has an unlock/lock system for the barells, so don’t worry your barrels cuz they won’t go anywhere nor they will flippin’ off
  • it heats up super quickly – within like 25 seconds your wand is ready to go
  • it also have an adjustable heat setting – so if you have fine hair you can adjust the heat
  • has a small digital display where you can see how quick this baby is heating up
So far, so good! Now let’s get to the barrels!
The barrels:
  • has 8 barrels – yeah you heard me right – 8 – let’s just take a moment please – yes 8 – still can’t believe that – ohh man…8 – 8 barrels – I’m going to stop . 8
  • 1st barrel -> 13mm – for tight little cute curls
  • 2nd barrel -> Pearls – has 4 pearls – for amazing wave curls ( the curls in my photos are made with this barrel – my baby barrel which I LOVE
  • 3rd barrel -> 13/25 mm – for tight curls up top and big curls down at the bottom
  • 4th barrel -> 25mm – for really nice sized curls
  • 5th barrel -> 32mm – for big amazing curls
  • 6th barrel -> 25/13mm – for bigger curls up top and smaller curls down at the bottom
  • 7th barrel -> 19mm – for tight define curls
  • 8th barrel -> 18/9mm – for curls that look like you just got a perm
Man, those are a lot of barrels for just one wand isn’t it? Of course is not a problem, is a blessing. The curler retails for $199 but NOW is just $149 on so if you like curls & curling irons then this is the perfect moment.
The Sapphire 8in1 curler worths every money, is like you’re buying 8 curling irons. If you’re a makeup artist & hair stylist then this is perfect for you, but if you just want a simple curling iron then this is not for you. I do makeup, I’m not an hair stylist ( in fact I suck at doing my hair ) but this curler is just perfect for me.
In the photos bellow I didn’t use any hair protectant nor any hair products ( no hair spray no nothing ) & I have to say that I love how soft my hair feels. Everytime I used a curling iron or a waver or flat iron, my hair felt dry & matte with no shine, I don’t know, it didn’t felt good, but with this curler you get curls, you get soft hair, you get shiny curls which I think is really important. Another thing I want to say it that even if I didn’t use any hair product, this morning I woke up with intact curls, how ahhh-mazing is that? So yeah, if you’re looking for a great curler, then girl, this one is for you!
I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any questions cuz I would really like to help you!
P.S. it took me more time to edit the photos then to do my curls…how’s that?
Are you considering trying the Irresistibleme Sapphire 8in1 curler or not?
What do you think about it?
Disclosure: The product in this post was sent to me by their PR company for consideration. For more information please visit my Disclaimer page!

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