Luminess Air Legend – Airbrushing System – Review

Hello lovelies,
I’ve been wanting an airbrushing system so much for such a long time, you just can’t imagine. I was more than happy when I received an email where I was asked if I want to test a Luminess Air Legend Airbrushing System. Of course I said yes since one was on my wishlist.

I picked the color ( Aqua & White ) and the foundation finish and waited patiently for the package to come. Only if you saw my face when the Fedex ( or UPS – sorry, I don’t recall which one was – I was to excited ) guy came.
I rushed to my vanity and with my super power ( some scissors ) I unpacked my super cute Luminess Air. 
So this is what you’re going to find in the box: a quick step by step instruction paper, a booklet with a lot of information, a CD and of course you’ll find the airbrushing machine.
Take your time to read everything cuz it’s really important to know how to use it and how to take care of it!
You’ll also find the adaptor, the stylus holder and a water bottle ( the bottle is empty and you’ll need some distilled water ).
And now take a minute and look at it…just take your time. This Luminess Air airbrushing system is small ( I know you can’t see that from the photos but believe me, it is ), it’s sturdy , it won’t use to much space ( I keep mine in a drawer from my vanity, you can also carry it in your bag ). 
Luminess Air has 4 types of foundation finishes: Silk, Ultra, Satin & Matte. I chose Matte because they’re created for oily and/or acne prone skin. All Luminess Air foundations are water base foundations. In the kits I also found a primer, blush & highlighter, as you can see in the photo below.

 Before doing this post I took time to test everything, to practice and tell you my honest opinion.

 As you can see in the photo below I’m almost out of the foundation in shade 2.  I have to say that I used the primer like 2 times and that’s because I forget that I have it and I use my regular primer. I love the blushes and the highlighter (a little bit goes a long way).

The stylus/gun or whatever you call it, has a funnel where goes the primer or foundation or blush or highlighter or eyeshadow etc and a trigger which disperse the primer or whatever Luminess Air makeup product you use.

 Yep..monsters on my face, but don’t you fear cuz Luminess Air will fight them. So, it’s time for some primer. You’re going to need some practice using it, but after 3-4-5 times of using it, you’re going to feel like a pro. Plug you machine, push the ON/OFF button to activate the stylus. The machine is pretty silent, you’ll feel air coming out of the stilus ( that’s continuous air that will going to help you dry the foundation ), add 5-6 drops of primer ( for some of you 2-4 drops will be enough, for me 5-6 are enough, sometimes more :)) ). You will need to use circular motions to apply the product. So you will begin from the left side of your face to your right side then to the forehead and down to your nose. It’s easy I promise you, you can also go HERE for more info.

Now it’s time for the foundation. I need to use more than 12 drops cuz I like to build a high coverage. Since I have some acne and acne spots, I apply the foundation 2-3 times. I have to say that since the foundation is water base, is very watery, it’s not  thick like the silicone base ones. So when I saw how thin is I was kinda disappointed, but when I applied it, I was WOOW. I never thought I’m going to like this type of foundation. 
I was also thinking that since is so thin and watery the foundation will crack after drying. But NO! Is amazing!
Don’t forget to clean it. Also clean it after you use the foundation, after you use the blush and so on. 
To clean it, add a few drops of distilled water in the funnel, cover with a paper towel the tip of the stylus ( stopping the air that comes out ) and slowly push the trigger ( as you would do when applying the foundation ). You’re going to see some bubbles…then remove the paper towel and push the trigger again. Pretty easy!
Below you’re going to see how my face looks!
Let’s not focus on the hair ( bad hair day ) just look how flawless the left side of my face look!
                                          Luminess Air                                                                      Nothing
– silent
– easy to use
– easy to clean
– flawless application
– resistent makeup ( all day long, no need to retouch)
– small
– looking good
– pigmented foundation
– pigmented blush
– pigmented highlighter
– lightweight
– you can use any water-based foundations
– a must-have for makeup artists
– affordable
– not messy
– no bacteria
– time saver
– the foundation oxidize a little bit on my face 
( I dont know why but I will definitely try some other finishes and other water-base foundations )
I like love it a LOT. I save a lot of time by using it. I can’t even explain you how flawless my face looks and if you’re looking for an affordable airbrushing machine, then you should check Luminess Air! I will definitely try some bronzers and eyeshadows I will definitely use it on my clients!
I really hope you enjoyed this post and made you curious about the Luminess Air airbrushing machine. If so please leave me a comment below if you’re considering buying one!
Disclosure: The product in this post was sent to me by their PR company for consideration. For more information please visit my Disclaimer page!

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