Glamulet – Bracelet with Charms – Review

Hello lovelies,
I bet you love jewelry and I also bet you love bracelets. You’re going to love bracelets even more when you hear you can customize yours with charms. 
Nope, I’m not talking about Pandora, I’m talking about Glamulet. In the past months I’ve seens everybody going crazy about Pandora and I think I’m the only one that doesn’t like it. Yeah, hate me for that!

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from Glamulet, asking me if I wish to try their top selling bracelet and charms and I said yes! I really wanted to see the quality and why everybody is going crazy about this type of bracelets.
So there I was, waiting patiently for my bracelet and charms. I was a little bit disappointed cuz I couldn’t chose the charms, but that lasted like 2 minutes since I really liked the top selling charms and I think I was going crazy if I had to choose from such a huge variety.
The bracelet and charms are made from sterling silver. The bracelet price $65 $29.95 ( which is really cheap ) and each charm that has different prices. If you want to know how much, then click HERE .
The package came today and I was like WOOW when I saw how they took care of the packaging, wrapping and everything else.
The bracelet and the charms were inside a white jewelry box wrapped up with a beautiful blue ribbon. They also sent me a bag and a cloth for my bracelet. How amazing is that?

The bracelet is really beautiful, sturdy & great quality. 
I wanna thank Adina for helping me open the bracelet ( yeah..laugh as much as you want.. I had my blonde moment :)) LOL )… there I was learning how to open a bracelet..what a big step for the world & humanity! We should definitely drink for that!
Enough! Let’s get to the bracelet….
I easily added my charms and put it on my wrist. 
Okey, okey, I now understand why you girls love this bracelets so much and I will definitely add more charms to mine since Glamulet has so many cheap and great quality charms.

The charms I got are: 
  • Four Leaf Hear Clover – because I need some luck in my life. I’ve always felt so unlucky so I hope that having this charm with me everyday, will bring some luck in my life. Gimee some LUCK – ohh… and because I still want to find a four leaf clover  – Price: $57 $21.95
  • Love is Kind Wedding Rings Dangle – because in April this year, we celebrated 2 years of marriage and I hope that 80 years from now we will still celebrate our love, because our love is kind! I’m so modest I know! Price: $73 $20.95
  • July Birthstone Bright Magenta Paved Crystal – Why July since I’ve been born in August? Because the one how gave me birth, my mom, was born in July and I owe her my life…so yeah..that why July! Love you mum! Price: $61 $21.95
  •  Love All Around – because for me Love is important and because I wish to have Love all around me everyday…an because I love hearts! Price: $23.00 $9.95

– great quality
– really cheap 
– sturdy 
– sterling silver
– large variety of charms
– wonderful website 
– easy to shop
Overall I really recommend their website and products, their prices are amazing. If you like this type of bracelets with charms then check them out cuz you won’t be disappointed. I’m definitely gonna add some more charms to mine.
So, if you like Pandora and find it expensive (like I do) then choose Glamulet!
I really hope you liked this post and if you have questions about the bracelet, then leave me a comment below cuz I love getting in touch with you beautiful people! 
Are you considering buying something from Glamulet?
Disclosure: The product in this post was sent to me by their PR company for consideration. For more information please visit my Disclaimer page!

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