Wishtrend Wishlist – My Top 5 Korean Beauty Products

Hello lovelies,
Today I’m going to introduce you WishTrend. Maybe you’ve already heard about it, maybe not, but today you’re going to hear about it from me, from my perspective & I’m also going to show you my top 5 products from my WishTrend wishlist, so keep reading!
Wishtrend it is my little corner of korean beauty products! Everyday I’m browsing their website adding new products to my wishlist, dreaming about some of them, shopping, learning something new about the brands, about korean beauty products and so on.
I love how easy and clean their website look, you practically have all what you want at a click distance, so I highly recommend you to start the hunt for your favorite korean beauty products or why not, start trying their amazing products!

They have:

As you can see they have a large variety of products, so you definitely won’t get bored. ATTENTION! This website is addictive! 
Before getting into my wishlist, I’m also going to tell you something about their shipping, cuz I know that in most cases, shipping means something when we shop online, no matter from where the products are shipped!
WishTrend cares about you, so they have a Free Shipping Zone category where they offer you one of their best selling products ( and it’s not just one 😉 if you’re curious then you should check HERE.
They also offer Free Shipping for orders over $69 & Free Samples ( how cool is that? I love samples ).
For more details about Shipping & Delivery click HERE!
Now, let’s get to my WishTrend wishlist!
The first beauty product on my wishlist, the one I’m craving the most is a My Lip Tint from Berrisom!
Why I love it so much? Well, this lip tint is awesome, you apply it on you lips, you let it dry for 5-10 minutes, and here comes the awesome part…you peel it from your lips and you get awesome, tinted lips that lasts 12hours….ohhh…and they come in 6 shades. My favorites are Bubble Pink, Lovely Peach & Pure Pink
If your curious to see how it works, then click HERE!
The second product on my WishTrend wishlist is this cute set of 3 face masks – Juicy Strawberry from Lassie’el.
The packaging speak for himself and the mask it really look like a strawberry jam. This masks are great for sebum control, moisture your skin, minimize pores & exfoliate! God, can’t wait to put my hand on them, since I’m a such a great fan of face masks!
If you want to see how great the masks look then click HERE
The third product from my long wishlist, is a CC Cream from Rivecowe. I had to have this on my wishlist. Korean CC Creams are the best, and if you don’t believe me, then you should check to say that I’m right.
This CC Cream has everything your skin needs in a really cute tube. Has SPF, it’s simple to apply, can whiten & cover in the same time, improves your skin elasticity & gets rid of dead skin cells. 
So this cc cream has the power to protect your skin, to take care of it, you can also use it as a makeup base and foundation. 
For more details about this CC Cream, you should check HERE.
The fourth goodie you can find on my wishlist is this super interesting cleanser – Mool Pool Cleanser from Caolion. 
This cleanser is not that ordinary cleanser that all of us have at home, this one is a revolutionary cleanser. I know, I know, you are asking me why it’s so special about it! Well sorry girls but you have to find it by yourself HERE
And the last goodie but not least is this cute eyeliner set – Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner Set ( Season 2 ) from Tosowoong
OMG, just look at the packaging, I love it! It will look so nice on my vanity! And the swatches look perfect. 
So, you get 5 super waterproof eyeliners, cut storage box for them, they’re soft & you can also use them as eyeshadow!!!
For swatches you should check HERE!
So this were my top 5 korean beauty products that you can find on my WishTrend wishlist. I hope you really enjoyed this post and I also hope you’re going to check them out, and check the WishTrend website!
If you do check their website please let me know what do you like! Also please let me know if you tried their products & which one cuz my wishlist is not complete, I still have plenty of room for some more goodies!
This being said, I wish you a loooong WishTrend wishlist and happy shopping!
WishTrend is the source of the photos used in this post!
Disclosure: The products in this post contain affiliate links. For more information please visit my Disclaimer page!


    • November 16, 2014 / 3:50 pm

      I really love it, and since I'm into korean cosmetics lately, a day is not passing without browsing their website! <3

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