Memebox Superbox #53 My Honey Box

Hello lovelies,
By now, you’re already used to my Memebox posts, reviews & unboxings, and you already know how much I love Memebox.
I’m a memebox addict & from the first box I got, the love for this amazing boxes runs thru my veins! :))
But let’s get to memebox now. As you can see in the title, I got the Mememox Superbox #53 My Honey Box. Should I tell you how AMAZING this box is? I know what you’re thinking right now…I know…”OMG, she tell us everytime how amazing this boxes are”
YES! They are! And if you don’t believe me, I challenge you to get one, to see for yourself! You can choose whatever you want, is your choice!
Memebox Superbox #53 My Honey Box is filled with 7 full-size products that have the honey as a base ingredient! Be prepared cuz this post is a picture-heavy post! ^_^
Let’s see what the box looks inside and how they describe the box:
“Honey is a pretty amazing substance and there is a lot more to it than just a sweet tasting treat. Hailed as the queen of natural beauty enhancers, honey is rich in natural sugars and minerals that work to nourish and repair damaged skin. Its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties stop bacterial growth and heal infections, while its antioxidant-rich formula creates a youth-preserving veil over the face to protect against wrinkle-causing free radical and improve the skin’s radiance!”
And here you have all the products!
Product Description
This is a peel-off type of facial pack enriched with natural ingredients renown for nourishing and brightening effects – honey, bee venom, propolis, royal jelly. It’ll work to exfoliate dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads and to control excess oil and sebum by maintaining the skin clean and well-balanced. 
How to use
Spread the pack adequately over your face. The texture will be sticky and honey-like at first but it’ll quickly start to dry off according to the skin temperature. Remove when it’s completely dried off. 
My first impression:
When I saw the word ”peeling” I was elated. Come on, I think that every girl love peeling masks!
 I’ve tried this mask 2 times now and I need to test it more. So far I love it and:
* it doesn’t sting my eyes like other peel-off masks do!
* it’s sticky, but this is how this peel-off masks are
* colorless 
*  smells really good
* it’s refreshing 
* dries really fast on my skin
* no redness after peeling off ( I did had some redness problems with other brands )
* had the power to remove some of my blackheads from my nose
* it dissolves in water ( I had some peel-off masks that didn’t dissolved when I threw them in water – after peeling them off ..yacs )
* it leaves your skin matte ( I have oily skin, so for me it’s a really good thing that this mask sucks all the oil & impurities )
* price: $37
* has 100ml 
* it’s for all skin types
 This is how it looks after it dries.
Product Description
Enriched with high concentrates of honey, the Manuka Honey Treatment delivers deep nourishment, repairs damaged ends, and provides an intensive protein care to your dry hair. The natural manuka oil infused also works to renew damaged cuticles and restore silky gloss to your hair. 
How to use
Towel-dry after shampooing. Take an adequate amount on your palms and softly massage it in throughout your hair. Rinse off after 5~10 minutes. 
My first impression:
I just used it 1 time so I really need to test it more. 
* smells really really good
* has the texture of a hair conditioner
* on the pack ( as you can see in the photo below ) says ”Everyday 30 Days” but I think that for my looong hair it won’t be enough 
* has only 30ml
* price: $5 (so it’s pretty cheap and if it’s good I’m going to rebuy it )
Product Description
The heavily nourishing honey and vitamin-rich apple formula of this hand cream works to moisturize, purify, and firm up dry hands. 
How to use
Apply the hand cream generously over your hands as often as possible. 
My first impression:
My hands love this hand cream, and I think this is the hand cream season, so I was really happy to see it in the box! I wear it with me everywhere!
*it absorbs really fast in my hands
* it’s hydrating
* smells like apple strudel or caramel glazed apples ( yummy )
* it’s moisturizing
* love how it feels on my hands
* cute packaging
* has 50g
* price: $5 ( really cheap ^_^ )
Product Description
Containing high concentrates of real honey and collagen extracts, this nourishing Honey Mask delivers deep nutrition and improves skin elasticity by creating a protective moisture barrier over your skin. Plus, this mask is packed with over 9 different herbal ingredients for soothing and brightening up the overall complexion. 
How to use
After toner application, spread the mask sheet over your face. Rest for 15~20 minutes, remove, and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.
My first impression:
Well..I didn’t used this mask yet, cuz in the last weeks I kinda went crazy with skin care products so I really want to enjoy it in the weekend!
*  I do love that this is a collagen mask & that you don’t have to rinse after using it
* price: $1 ( cheeeeeaaaap ^_^ )
Product Description
Enriched with honey extracts, natural spring water, propolis extracts, aloe vera water, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extracts, this Honeybee Water Cream is a fast-absorbing moisturizer which strengths the skin’s natural restorative properties. It’s free of paraben, artificial coloring, mineral oil, benzophenone, BHT, talc, etc. 
How to use
At the end of your daily skincare routine, apply the cream evenly over your face and massage it into the skin for full absorbance. It can also be used as an overnight sleeping pack. 
My first impression:
* looks like a gel cream
* it’s not sticky
* it’s fast absorbing
* as soon as you put it on your face and spread it, it feels like water
* it’s refreshing
* smells so good & fresh
* I use it in the morning
* cute packaging
* love that comes with a little spatula
* has 50ml
* price: $29 ( worth the money )
Looks like honey! ^_^
Product Description
This is the perfect solution for dehydrated, sagging skin. When gently patted onto the skin, the natural honey and collagen complex of the massage cream delivers deep nutrition and firms up the skin elasticity by creating a tight-knit gel network on the skin. Plus, its unique honey-like, gooey texture glides smoothly and absorbs deeply into the skin. 
How to use
Take an adequate amount in your palm and massage it over your face as if patting the product into the skin. Gently roll it on the skin until everything’s absorbed. Rinse off the next morning. 
My first impression:
!!!!!!!!!!!This is the holy mother of all face creams ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Memebox, thank you so much for putting this cream in this box!!! Thank you! I love you! 
* has a gooey texture ( check the photos below to see what I’m talking about )
* I have oily skin ( so it’s not dehydrated ) but it doesn’t load my skin
* it’s NOT sticky
* smells amazing
* I used it every night and rinse it when I weak up
* I love it so much
* has 150ml
* price: $20 ( you need to get this one, you really need )
Product Description
Enriched with honey extracts, snail mucus extracts, grape seed oil, shea butter, and many more naturally-derived nutrients, Pure Smile’s Lip Treatment moisturizes, nourishes, and protects dry, chapped lips. 
How to use
Apply a small amount of the lip treatment over your lip. It’s especially recommended to be used overnight for an intense lip care.
My first impression:
This is a unique lip product in my opinion & in my collection!
* it’s colorless
* smells like honey
* tastes like honey 
* it looks sticky but it’s not
* it’s glossy
* it feels…fresh…like mint
* I use it at night 
* it’s moisturizing
* has 10g
* price: $5
I really enjoy this box! This are my first honey products so far & I can’t wait to test more! 
The total price of the products is $102. The price of this box was $29 + $6.99 = $35.99 so this is such a good deal!! I’m looking forward to try the collagen face mask this weekend!
I really hope you enjoyed this post & if you did please let me know in the comment section below cuz I love reading your comments.

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    myamy, ce produse ,, delicioase"! sunt super, sa le folosesti cu placere <3

    • November 26, 2014 / 3:25 pm

      iti multumesc frumos Andra 🙂

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