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Hello lovelies,

I think this is my 3rd tag I’ve ever made on this blog….shame on me :)). I wanna thank Andrea – Colour Your Life for tagging me. I couldn’t pass this one, since it’s all about nail polish.

1. Which color family of nail polish do you own the most of ? 
I think this one is easy for me, cuz I know I’m a sucker for blue hues. Yes, I was right, blue it’s the new black for me! :)))

2. Name your most favorite memory you associate with a specific polish?
When you have such an addiction to nail polish, you start wanting more & more, but not those regular drugstore nail polishes, no no no, you strive for high-end nail polishes, for indie nail polishes, you strive to have unique nail polishes in your collection. Well, my wish was to have a Chanel nail polish. 
My favorite memory that I can’t forget was when I arrived in Romania, and my husband was waiting for me at the airport, with a beautiful gift: a bunch of roses and a Chanel nail polish! 
Now my Chanel collection is still tinny, but I love them a lot. Both are a present from my husband! 

3. What’s your best-kept secret for chip-free polish?
I know….It’s frustrating when you paint your nails and after a few hours the nail polish starts to chip. Not to mention when we cook, clean or changing diapers etc.
Well, I’m going to tell you my secret! First I apply the base coat ( I usualy use one from Essie – no chips ahead or Ciate ), I let it dry, then I choose the nail polish, I’m applying it on the nails ( and here comes the secret ) and the thing that worked for me was applying a little bit of polish at the nail tip ( the free edge of your nail ). After that, I apply the top coat, and that’s it!

4. Which brand do you own the most colors and why is that formula your favorite?
This one is a easy one for me! The brand I own the most colors is Essence Cosmetics! For me the formula is pretty good, most of them are one-coat nail polishes which is great; the single problem that I have is that some of them ( the first one’s that I got ) dried, but with some magic nail thinner they came back to life. I also love the quantity ( 8ml new , 5ml old ), I love the bottles and I also love that the cap is the same color as the nail polish. Ohhh…and 2 more things: love the names of the nail polishes and that they’re cheap (2$)

5. Name the polish you like the least in your collection and why you still hold onto it? 
My least favorite is Megan Miller – Caribbean. The color is…I don’t know…a raging one, it’s sheer,  I don’t like the brush but I like the bottle and that’s why I still hold onto it! I don’t know nothing about the other shades, but this one is…

6. Name your holy grail of nail polish remover! 
Short story: my all time nail polish removers for the addict in me :)))
7. If you use glitter or nail effects, which is your favorite brand and why?
I think the holy mother of glitter and nail effects is OPI, and that’s why I love them. They are the first one ( in my opinion )  to create unique glitter and nail effects and then the other companies kinda try to emulate them. As I told you. this is my opinion, maybe the first one’s are China Glaze or Zoya, I don’t know, but I love OPI on this one!
8. Do you match your toes to your nails when you re-polish?
9. Name the specific polishes you’ve repurchased more than twice to show us your holy grail colors!

  1. SSSally Hansen – White On
  2.     Essence – 53 You Belong to Me
  3.     Essence – 05 Toffee to Go

10. Do you paint accents nails or only use one color?
I’m the accent nail person :))), it’s hard for me, I can’t even do a swatch :)))
11. Can you name the oldes nail polish in your collection?
Hmmmm….I’m not sure, but right now I think is Flormar – 424
Hope you enjoyed the tag, and now I have to tag 5 nail addict and not only: Laura – Laura’s Corner, Diana – By Dee Makeup & More, Georgiana – Rainbows in a Jar, Carla – Sun After Storm Blog  , Maria – Konad Nails & anyone who like’s this tag 😀


  1. September 27, 2014 / 5:44 am

    Asa cum am mai mentionat ai o colectie de invidiat si chiar si un sot de invidiat: ) Ai mare noroc ca iti accepta hobbyul si iti face cadouri pe placul tau. Sotul meu nu suporta obsesia mea pentru oje si nici nu ma intelege!
    Iti multumesc ca ai raspuns la intrebari. Te pup.

    • September 27, 2014 / 1:18 pm

      Iti multumesc mult :*…well nu prea l-a inteles nici el la inceput, dar i-am atras atentia ca eu n-am nimic impotriva hobby-urilor lui, si de atunci m-a inteles 😀 eu iti multumesc ca m-ai tag-uit 😀 si ca te-ai gandit si la mine :D, te pupacesc :*

  2. September 27, 2014 / 8:35 am

    Foarte frumoasa colectia ta de oje,si eu am facut Tag-ul asta cu drag.Imi place ce am citit si imi place obsesia ta pentru albastru.Pup

    • September 27, 2014 / 1:18 pm

      iti multumesc frumos Oana, ma bucur ca iti place 😀 puuuuuuup :*

  3. September 27, 2014 / 1:38 pm

    Superbitati de oje, pe alea albastre ti le-as fura, si eu am o pasiune pentru ele si pentru cele mov :))) 😀 Multumesc pentru tag, o sa fac tot posibilul sa-l onorez. Colectia mea e cam micuta momentan, am fost nevoita sa renunt la o mare parte din cauza faptului ca urmeaza sa ma mut dar sper sa o reconstruiesc frumos asa ca tine 😀 Minunate cele 2 oje Chanel, si eu imi doresc macar una 😀

    • September 27, 2014 / 1:44 pm

      well nu stiu de ce am impresia dar cred ca si eu am o mica pasiune pentru cele mov :))) mi-a fost insa frica sa aflu :)). Nu ai pentru ce, il poti onora oricand doresti, niciodata nu e prea tarziu. Astept cu nerabdare revenirea ta in forta, mereu a fost o placere sa te urmaresc si chiar I miss you sa stii ;). Inca ma pun pe picioare dar si cand ma pun, numai chanel cumpar :)))

  4. September 27, 2014 / 1:42 pm

    eu chiar nu cred ca alea s toate albastralele tale :)) sigur ai mai multe
    si eu mor dupa o oja chanel 🙁 da mi iau o dior acusi, sa mi fac fita :)) poate si face curaj iubitul meu si mi ia el mult dorita chanel 🙁

    • September 27, 2014 / 1:46 pm

      hahahaahhaha :)))))))))) sincer si eu cred ca am mai multe, ca la un moment dat mi se plimbau ochii in toate partile si nu mai distingeam bine :)))))))). Poi si eu vreau Dior si YSL si CL si etc :))))))) … poti sa ii spui ca e mai greu la inceput, dupa ii intra in mana =)))))))))))

  5. September 27, 2014 / 11:34 pm

    Ma bucur ca deocamdata am o manie cu unele cosmetice (fonduri de ten, rujuri) high end, daca ma apuca si cu ojele e grav. :))
    Mi-a placut tag-ul si…OMG, cate albastrele ai! :)) Eu cred ca inca nu am atatea de toate (nu le pun la socoteala pe cele ramase in Ro). :)):*

  6. September 28, 2014 / 3:19 pm

    Vai de mine, ce-i aici! :)) Câte oje albastre, eu sunt foarte mic copil pe lângă tine!!! :)) Iar cu ojele Essence ai putea să-ți deschizi fără probleme un stand!
    Ai o colecție de oje superbe, te invidiez! 😀

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