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  • *PR. Sample *Affiliate Links Hello lovelies, As I told you in the previous Memebox post, you kinda become an addict. They have so many that it’s so so hard to choose! As you can see… Read More

  • *PR. Sample *Affiliate Links Hello lovelies,  Today I’m going to talk about korean cosmetics. I’ve been doing some research & I’ve read only great reviews about them, so deep inside I wanted to try them… Read More

  • [ PREVIEW ] Essence – ”Party Look Make-up Box”

    Hello lovelies, The home stretch for beauty! As the year comes to an end, the countdown to the festive season begins. With the limited essence “party look make-up box”, every beauty is sure to turn into… Read More

  • Birthday Haul

    Hello, lovelies Sorry for posting so rare lately but I have a combination of excuses: busy visiting downtown of Chicago, shopping, laziness & my birthday , lol. I wasn’t so lazy as you imagine (… Read More