Another subscription box that I’ve been loving this past few months is GlossyBox. It’s the most beautiful subscription box and as you receive it, you can see immediately that those behind the box know what… Read More

  • Hello lovelies, I’ve been wanting an airbrushing system so much for such a long time, you just can’t imagine. I was more than happy when I received an email where I was asked if I… Read More

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  • Etude House Pink Box – July 2015

    Hello lovelies, I still can’t believe I receive this awesome and amazing pink boxes filled with amazing Etude House products and that I have the chance to show them to you and talk about them…. Read More

  • Paula Dorf Aztec City Eyeshadow Palette & Teal Mascara Review

    var search_me = ‘168_31961’; var scriptElems = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’), i=scriptElems.length – 1, curLoc; for (; i; –i) { curLoc = scriptElems[i]; if (‘innerText’ in curLoc) { if (curLoc.innerText.indexOf(search_me)) break; }else if (‘textContent’ in curLoc) { if… Read More