Heya girls today I wanted to show you another mani but I postponed it.  I arranged my nail polishes and I wanted to show you how it looks. I have more nail polishes at my… Read More

  • Since I saw that most of you liked my DIY posts I’m gonna continue with another one this time it will be translated in english. I used this scrub 3 times now, so i decide… Read More

  • I know I know am tras chiulul dar am motive intemeiate…a fost ziua meaaaa. Asa, sa trecem peste si sa ne uitam la titlu. Azi o sa va invat cum sa va personalizati propria cana… Read More

  • DIY Lip Gloss

    As you know yesterday I announced on FACEBOOK that I’m going to do a DIY Lip Gloss, so here I am. I think that every girl want’s to make her own cosmetics, her own scrub, lotion,… Read More