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Call me crazy if you want :)). Yesterday I received a lot of goodies from my parents, so I wanted to share some with you. So I will begin with OREOOOO ( milk’s favorite cookies… Read More

  • My first swatch of a Deborah Lippmann nail polish. I know I know I talk a lot about Deborah nail polishes but I really love them. Today I decided to wear Across the Universe. Let… Read More

  • OMG!!!!!!! I just can’t believe I have them here with me !!! I’m soooo happy that you can’t imagine !!! 1 hour and my mouth keeps smiling and smiling, I believe my eyes are smiling… Read More

  • Cum sa arati bine in poze!

    Toate ne intrebam ce ar trebui sa facem sa aratam bine in poze fara sa ne simtim prost atunci cand cineva ne eticheteaza pe facebook sau alte retele sociale. In primul rand trebuie sa folosim… Read More

  • Today’s Naily Swatch!

    As you know I began yesterday with a swatch of a nail polish and I will swatch daily one for you, from my collection. Today I choose ELF Neon Pink.The neons are high this summer… Read More